Your Potential

The consumption of media is big business

Just look at the most valuable companies in the world many of which control content flowing through their networks:

Societi is a community built on the consumption of media through predicting the outcome of events on live TV, sports, politics, financial markets and the like.

Our mission is to transfer that wealth to you by paying for correct predictions, referral of friends and purchasing of products through our marketplace (and many more earning opportunities to-come in the future).

In fact, we’ve created a success outline that (if followed) secures your return! Choose from one of the options below…

  • Part-time cash
  • Side-hustle (a la Uber)
  • Go big (full-time)

It’s time for Societi to take control of our collective and individual destiny…join us, your financial future is here!

Financial Impact

Tap into the virtually limitless earning potential of your community. By simply referring 100 friends, you could earn a part-time wage – for life! See what you could be earning below...


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✔ Get paid on 15 referrals
10 Societi paid personal referrals*
✔ “Maximize Your Income” training




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✔ “Maximize Your Income” training
Executive training




✔ Get paid on unlimited referrals
Unlimited Societi paid personal referrals*
✔ Strategy training
Founder’ support


*Paid personal referrals: Help your referrals start earning with $5 from Societi (e.g. for up to 10 referrals for Associate members)


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